July 4th, 2004


Sunday Sunday

I got to bed before midnight last night in the hope of catching up on sleep ... and woke up after midday having somehow managed to turn my alarm off without even waking up. Where the hell did Sunday go?

Yesterday was more productive than weekends usually are for me:
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Today has been not quite so productive owing to the late start, however I've read half of Angela Carter's The Bloody Chamber (dark retellings of well-known fairytales). sion_a and I have done the week's shopping (and I am actually going to cook things!) and I have hard-boiled some eggs for next week's lunches.

Still to do:

-- Tidy my room (hah!)
-- Put more stuff on eBay
-- Make hummous
-- Boil potatoes (also for next week's lunches)
-- Do some proof-reading for work tomorrow

Better get started really. sion_a is out tonight so I will have the house to myself, and I must not just waste the whole evening sitting in front of the computer.
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And another thing...

... on eBay. Pretty not-very-goth black velvet bodice thing. I really should have measured the bust before buying the damn top, shouldn't I? While I fit in some size 10 tops (and even a size 8 if they're r-eeeee-a-l-l-y s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y) there is no way I would have even hoped to squeeze my squeezy bits into something with a 31-inch bust and no room for stretch/give. Hrmph.


A few more items of clothing to go (most of the clothes I think will do better for less faff at a car boot sale, but ballgowns and suits might as well be eBayed) and then it's onto anything else that's lying around the house...

Faster than you can say 'knife!' ...

... more things for eBay. Knives, this time. But I could do with more information on them than I actually have.

Have a look at the pictures (link goes to directory listing but it'll be obvious which pictures are of the knives!) -- does anybody have a clue (or think they might have a clue if they could see them closer-up) whether this is a particular style of carving, a particular age of knife, any idea what the wood is likely to be? Is there a word for this kind of matched pair of knives with one smaller than the other? I know nothing about them, I just bought them at a jumble sale because they were pretty.

If not, don't worry, I will just use lots of words like "decorative" and "interesting" and "unusual" and "antique". :-)