July 3rd, 2004



Trying to set up an eBay seller's account and I'm confused already. It wants me to fill in a direct debit mandate -- are there regular fees for having a seller's account even if you don't sell anything? I couldn't see anything about that but I can't see how you can set up a dd to say "please debit however much these people need from my account whenever I sell something", you'd basically be signing a blank cheque.

And they've already asked me to keep card details "on file" to check I'm me, and to nominate a card to pay from, as well as an alternative card to pay from, and I'm running out of cards!

Having seen some of the people who apparently manage to sell stuff on eBay with no difficulty, if I can't do it I must be so stupid that it's amazing I managed to work out how to breathe. :-(

Update: Huh? "You are already a registered seller!" How'd that happen then? I've never tried to register as a seller before...
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Further blondeness

How do you calculate postage costs? The thing I'm selling weighs about 100g ... is there a definitive list of weight/cost for different tariffs? (Failing to find it on the Royal Mail website...) Is it okay to round up for postage-and-packing-and-faff? Or does that put people off?

I don't understand the difference between the different postage options any more either. As far as I can tell they all translate to either "we put it in a bag and get round to sending it when we feel like it" or "you pay through the nose and we leave it on their doorstep in the rain the next day". :-/
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