June 30th, 2004


Glastonbury 2004: "And you will know us by the trail of mud"

First, the music.

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Next, the other stuff. Collapse )

Finally, the weather. Collapse )

I think my mum enjoyed herself in the end, though I sort of lost touch with her as a result of the phone fiasco. I spoke to her on the phone the day after I got back (I will gloss over the four hours it took to get the car off the site, not to mention failing to get back to Cambridge until midnight on the Monday) and asked what her highlights had been (and I don't mean the fetching shade of red that she'd spray-dyed her hair), and she raved at me about "When Worlds Collide", a collaboration between the Muffin Men and the Ensemble 10:10 who were playing the music of Zappa. I'd never heard of them. She also mentioned the bouncing kangaroos, and it transpired that either we'd both seen a different tiny child in a white fairy dress being picked up by one of the kangaroo-people, or we were unknowingly standing a mere few metres away from each other at one point. And this is the beauty of Glastonbury: paths merge and diverge and cross and pass like ships in the night, silver threads weaving and entwining and unravelling their way through a labyrinth of experience; everybody's trip is different, but part of the same tapestry. The loom forces the threads apart to make them into whole cloth.

The fireworks at midnight on Sunday were incredible. Collapse )