June 23rd, 2004



I think I am packed. If I'm not, it's too late now. I have also made a skirt and tunic out of heavy-duty navy-blue binbags and black duct tape, which are rather sexy if I do say so myself; I have made tropical flapjacks (coconut and pineapple added) for sustenance; I have prepared the penguin; I have recharged every phone I own in the hope that tomorrow I will work out which combination of phone/SIM works best; I have written down all the panic-numbers for phone/cards/etc.; and I have bathed for the last time in 6 days. :-)

I still don't know which shoes/boots to take, or which coat. Boots is choice of: old boots, welly-type-boots, 14-hole DMs. Coats is choice of: long leather trenchcoat; short leather coat; old black saggy coat; purple cloak (very funky but not very warm). I have a hoodie and a spare jumper and things I can layer, though, anyway.

Tomorrow morning I have to pack flapjacks (still cooling) and other last-minute bits and pieces. And TICKETS. TICKETS, TICKETS. And stuff. I cleverly bought bungee cords yesterday so I may just end up elasticating everything on to my bag like a rag-and-bone merchant.

I don't know how to pack my dress in such a way that it will get there in one piece. And I'm still not sure I will trust it not to run in the rain. :-(

Though it is hammering down outside, I keep reminding myself that this is Cambridge (where it always rains, for heaven's sake), not Shepton Mallet.

I really should sleep now. Long drive tomorrow.