June 10th, 2004


For sale: Pratchett figurines

Since there's a lot of Pratchett-positive people around here, I thought I'd offer these to you guys first before putting them on the magic ucam.adverts newsgroups:

Three tiny (about 1" high) pewter-ish figurines of Pratchett characters: Corporal Carrot, Nobby Nobbs, and Captain Vimes. They're really rather cute, but I'm sick and tired of dust-gathering knick-knacks cluttering up my house.

Make me an offer. No, not that kind of offer. Money, or swaps for something interesting/useful, or whatever. Best offer gets them; my decision is final, your statutory rights are nonexistent, may contain traces of nuts. :-)

Update: Pictures would have been a good idea. I'll take a photo tonight if you like but in the meantime they're basically just like these except I can't find the right characters here.
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