June 7th, 2004


meat and drink

Headed down to Oxfnord on Friday for J-P and Kate's party -- good fun, but very busy so there was a lot of standing in the corridor. Lovely to see J-P and Kate though, as well as other people who I very rarely see -- the boy Lanyon (who has cut off all his floppy hair!), ex-mert0034 (who has grown a beard!), and Colin Bedroom Batchelor (who hasn't changed at all). I think Kate and I confused everybody by inventing lots of made-up science and making animal noises.

Saturday was the uk.misc meat, which was jolly good fun. juggzy played Richard Thompson songs on recorder, lots of people drank beer, The Lurker lurked, and smallclanger made cute noises at everybody. The weather stayed dry (though it threatened rain fairly persistently for the first couple of hours) and warm enough to sit on the meadow until about 8pm. The Angel & Greyhound lied when they said they served food till 9pm.

Threw bread to ducks and geese and goslings on Sunday. The goslings were cute, but they grow up to be big hissing geese, which is not so good. The ducks were just lovely. When I grow up I want to keep ducks.