June 3rd, 2004



Extracts from a phone conversation with egg.com's phone support...

Him: "There's definitely nothing wrong with the website."
Me: "Well, what I'm getting is: [reads out error page]"
Him: "Well, let me just have a look, we don't always get told when they're doing maintenance on the website."


Him: "What computer are you using?"
Me: "I'm using a PC, running Windows NT. I'm using NS7, but I've also tried it on IE5 and I get exactly the same results."
Him: "Ah, well, that will be the problem, old browser."
Me: [incredulous] "Netscape 7? That's hardly an old browser..."
Him: "Well, in computer terms it is."
Me: "So what browsers will the site work with?"
Him: "... Well, IE6."
Me: "You're saying it will only work in IE6."
Him: "Well, no, not only IE6... you can set IE5 up so it works in that as well..."


The upshot is: they think it may be the work firewall that's stopping me getting through; but they've activated my card for me over the phone, and I said I'd go and play with web browsers at home when I'm not paying for the cost of a phone-call at the same time.

OTOH if it does only work on IE6/Windoze that's going to be buggerall use, as at home I use either IE5/MacOS9 or Safari.

Arsing arsebadgering bollocks.
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