June 2nd, 2004



So last night I thought I'd get lots of stuff done while sion_a was out...

There were a couple of things I was going to mend -- a pair of trousers which I don't even really like any more but I can't sell them or give them away until I've sewn the waist-tie back on, and one of those floaty indian cotton skirts which is sewn together with seams about a millimetre wide so it keeps coming apart -- but when I came to do them I realised I didn't have the right colour cotton.

I was going to decorate that stupid dress, but didn't get anything done except a tiny sample of material. (OTOH I did get lots of useful advice and ideas so maybe I'll get something more done on that later.)

My mum's given me a huge heap of books that she doesn't want and I reckon I can sell them on Amazon, so I thought I'd look some of them up & see if they were worth it -- and would you believe it, bloody Amazon wasn't working. (Every attempt to look at any page other than the front page just returned an error.)

Tried to take some photos of a balldress that I was going to try to sell, but the USB card reader was playing up and I managed to wipe all the photos on my camera while trying to get the photos off. (I put the card in, and the drive didn't mount. So I took the card out, which you're not supposed to do until you've unmounted the drive, but there's no way to unmount something that apparently hasn't mounted in the first place! Unplugged the USB reader, plugged back in again, put card in, drive mounted, card blank.)

Eventually I decided to give up and go to bed so at least I'd get an early night, which I thought would probably be more productive than any of the stuff I was failing to get done. I don't think I managed to stay asleep for more than 2 hours at a stretch all night -- kept waking up feeling too hot, hearing noises, having peculiar dreams, etc.

I feel like death warmed up.

(This isn't a request for sympathy, I just wanted to rant somewhere to get it out of my system, really.)

Egg on my face

So I thought, "Well, if I actually get round to activating my Egg card today, it might make me feel a bit better about having been so unproductive yesterday." Go to www.egg.com and log in. "Sorry, this area of the site is currently unavailable." For heaven's sake, is it too much to ask that ONE POXY BIT of the world wide wank is actually working at the time when I want to use it? Is it? Is it?

And I've made a dog's arse of a new custom 404 page on admin.cam so it's currently saying "404: page not found, and in addition 404 not found" or WTTE. Which would be quite funny except that it's on the fscking live site. And we monged up the Reporter (thanks emperor for alerting us to it!) when we changed the templating system three weeks ago, which turned out to be a bigger problem with the templating, which I then couldn't fix because the updating system was broken (grahh!) ... and the only redeemingly funny thing to come out of that mess was that Nicola recognised emperor's name and said "Isn't he the one with the picture of someone's hand up a horse's arse on the newsgroups?"
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