May 23rd, 2004


Look Around You

Well we made it to dreamingchristi's housewarming, complete with 1970s 'costumes': in my case this was clothes I'd happily wear normally -- russet-brown skirt and orange-and-white static-pattern top; in sion_a's case it was mostly clothes of mine. Hmmm.

Good party on the whole -- dead veg and dead animals were incinerated, alcohol was drunk, conversation was had, and Look Around You was watched. And indeed it was very funny. The house looks pretty cool, and the Look-Around-You-style DYMO-labelling was inspired -- I've never seen air labelled before! Though I gather the cats weren't too impressed with the label-everything campaign, as they and their newly-labelled collars sulked out of sight for the entire party.

We took the opportunity of this journey to test the new Oxford-Cambridge route, and discovered that it's pretty good -- only took about 1hr40 even with my driving, and it was a much easier drive, not nearly as many roundabouts and nearly all dual carriageway.

Weird driving to Oxford and driving past the turning points for visiting other friends. Also quite strange driving part of the route that my parents used to take when they were driving me to and from college. Driving past memories of all the things I've lost and can't get back. All the roads not taken, and all the dead ends. And no map.

Free books!

I have acquired a bunch of books I don't really want:

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All in fairly tatty condition but still readable. Comment here or email me if you want any of them.

(Sorry about the formatting, LJ does weird things with lists & I'm not sure why...)
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More free books: crafts

"Persian rug motifs for needlepoint"
"Knitting and crochet with one hand"
"Charted borders, bands and corners"

Not bad condition -- a few annotations scrawled in the needlepoint ones but they don't affect the actual charts.

Yell if you want 'em.
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