April 19th, 2004



Big badgery thanks to the person who sent me a badge with a (hand-drawn?) badger on it! Oxford postmark, so I've narrowed the suspects down a bit, but I don't recognise the handwriting...


At the weekend I went to London and Oxford and there were lots of nice people and lots of shiny things like BEER and BOOTS and CATS. And there was lots of rain and it was wet and muddy. I stayed in August's house and it is very yellow but it has a BEER FRIDGE.

And now in grown-up (well, mostly):

B-Movie was good, though I'd have liked some bouncier music. Thank you to marnameow and sbp for letting us stay at their place, and for lovely scrambled eggs in the morning. Mmmm. :-) hoiho and I spent the rest of Saturday shopping in Camden, and managed not to buy too many things... and neither of us bought any shoes! This must be some kind of record. Got back to Oxford in time for dinner at Ask, leaving my car at Oxford station so that we could both drink with the meal. Taxi back to hoiho's place (which is indeed very yellow, but rather fab, and right next to the river).

On Sunday it RAINED, and then it RAINED some more. We'd agreed to walk in to town to pick up my car, and when we set out it wasn't raining... and this lasted for about 10 minutes. By the time we got anywhere near civilisation I was drenched (and miserable because my shoes were filling up with water and my woolen coat weighed a soggy ton!). Sorry hoiho for being such a whiney badger, though. Next time I will just bring wellies, and not whinge about the water!

Once we'd got the car we drove over to Argos to buy house essentials (bookcase, mugs, mirror, etc.) for hoiho, and then on to Chris's house to drop off a monitor and some cables, and borrow a towel to try to dry off a bit. Though I felt really guilty for whinging about being so wet when we realised that Chris was recovering from an operation, and he and his household were in the throes of electrical woes that had left them potentially without power for a week. They all seemed cheerful enough about the situation though, and we helped them to eat the home-made ginger ice-cream (by that point, about the consistency of milkshake) from the rapidly-defrosting freezer.

I was sorely tempted to stay over at hoiho's on Sunday night and do the drive back on Monday morning, but was persuaded that this was silly. So instead I had a tiring drive back in the dark after tea... which probably was more sensible really but it didn't feel much like it when I was struggling to stay awake most of the way from Milton Keynes to Cambridge. Sigh. I wish they'd hurry up and invent wormholes, or some sort of instantaneous matter transportation. Or even just something quicker than driving... it's 2004, dammit, where's my flying car?