April 15th, 2004


Catching up

Never really wrote anything about the weekend. In brief:

Faffing around the house, deflatpacking a shoe rack, buying chicken wire. Messing around with poi in the garden, remembering how bad I am at it.

Then in the evening it was down to London for martling's party. Lovely to see him again, also lovely to see EVERYBODY ELSE but I'm not going to namecheck in case I miss somebody. :-) Though I will mention that it was good to meet ewtikins and shevek.

Working at Oxfam in the morning. Collapse )

Drove over to parents' house in the afternoon, and proceeded to laze around not doing very much, just talking, listening to music, wandering around aimlessly. Which was nice. Fondue for dinner (my mum made one from scratch for a change rather than using a ready-made one ... anything that includes 0.75 pints of wine and several good slugs of kirsch is just fine by me).

Woke up bizarrely early, got up to find my dad in the kitchen dyeing hardboiled eggs. He was startled to see me up so early, and said "Go back to bed! They're not ready!" So I did, and finished reading Lake Wobegon Days.

Once my sister and I were both up we did the obligatory egg-hunt, made more silly this year by me deciding that in order to hunt eggs you had to tiptoe around in an exaggerated mime of Elmer Fudd, and/or crawl around on the floor looking for lurking eggs under bookcases and what-have-you.

I only bought one person a chocolate Easter egg this year; I decided against it for family for various reasons, & just got a box of chocolates for them to share. (And flowers, and hot cross buns, and a bottle of wine.) Then felt very guilty when they had all got me Easter eggs; a huge Tesco finest* one from my parents, and a fluffy rabbit in a chocolate top hat from Lorna. Awww.

Spent most of the afternoon tidying and trying clothes on ... Collapse )

Drove back to Cambridge in the morning, then almost immediately afterwards went over to Witchford with sion_a to pick up pto452. Collapse )

Nearly weekend again now -- going to London on Friday night, for B-Movie. (marnameow, you said we could borrow your spare room, yes? Just checking because arrangements were made in a state of extreme Fridayness...) Driving over to Oxford first to meet up with hoiho first, and going to London from there; which means I need to get into work early tomorrow. Still don't know what I'm going to wear for B-Movie, either...

I would go out tonight, but I haven't got a stitch to wear

What should I wear to B-Movie tomorrow? All suggestions, ridiculous or otherwise, welcomed.

Should I try to follow the "Mask of Zorro" theme? Or ignore it and wear something skimpy and corsety? Or... something else?

What are the chances of me finding time to make a mask tonight as well as going to the pub?

Friday starts here.