April 2nd, 2004


Ring ring

Shit, it's ringing. But nobody's picking up the sodding phone. Not even an answerphone. For about 2 minutes now. What does this mean? Should I hang on?

Running commentary

Two cases where the 'order now' button has taken me (after nearly-endless wait) to a blank page. Have now experienced the unbelievably annoying "all our lines are busy" message. Am falling asleep on the keyboard.

Have to be in work in 5 hours' time.

Update: Oh, and now "There was a problem with your credit card number." NO THERE BOLLOCKING WASN'T. Agghhhhhh.


Try this link. Got tickets first time!!!!!!!

w00+ and other AOL message-board-stylee reactions ;)

Update: Since everybody has asked... I got this from the Glasto official message board, courtesy of a chap (or chapess) called achoo, who I will be mailing to offer beer or nearest equivalent if I can find his/her email addy. Though it looks like I might have to register with the message board if I want to communicate with 'em, actually.