March 30th, 2004


meet and drink

Was supposed to be going to London tonight for uk.misc meet, but now I know hoiho can't make it I just can't face doing all the train-related faff. I guess I was just being greedy hoping to see him again so soon after the weekend. And I feel guilty for letting everybody else down. :-( I bet he did make it to London in the end, too; that'd serve me right for being crap.

Anyway, I thought that not-going-to-London would mean I'd be able to go and catch up with J-P after all while he's in Cambridge, but what was originally going to be "meet up in the pub" has been turned into a major outing to Bury St Edmunds, so it'd mean just as much train faff, or else getting a lift with somebody & thus having no way of getting back when I feel too shattered and miserable to stand any more socialising.

And I have period pains, and I feel really weepy and headachey, and generally guilty about being too mopey and crap to do anything.
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