March 29th, 2004


I don't like Mondays

hoiho and I spent a lovely weekend with k425, oldbloke and youngbloke. Thanks again to them for putting up with us! :-)

It was great to meet YoungBloke at last -- and he is gorgeous, with his big blue eyes and coy little smiles. If I thought they'd all be like that I'd want to have hundreds of babies! (Though I'd settle for even just one... *sigh*.)

Over the weekend, large quantities of SOSSIDGES were eaten. Fried breakfasts are obviously like buses, they're big and have four wheels and ... no, wait. What I mean is, there's none for ages and ages, and then two come along at once.

hoiho and I spent most of Saturday shopping in Manchester Collapse )

* * *

We got back to Cambridge quite late last night, and then hoiho had to leave at ungodly-o'clock this morning; I really didn't want to get out of bed at all, and consequently I wasn't really in the mood for a day of stressful faff at work where it soon became apparent that I might as well have not got out of bed... Collapse )

Am now tired, irritated and keeping myself going solely by the application of extreme amounts of caffeine.
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