February 23rd, 2004


Happy Days

Dragged sion_a into town to see the Beckett play only to find that it was cancelled. I suppose the 5 minutes we spent standing around outside the mostly-deserted theatre (down a back street filled with scaffolding), wondering why there weren't more signs of life, was an authentic (if brief) Beckett experience, though.

Worked at the pub on Friday night and Sunday lunch. Next week I have to do both those shifts and Saturday night, because Saturday is "Casino Nite" at the Carlton. I'm not happy about having to work all weekend but I don't really have much choice.

hoiho arrived on Sunday night; he's staying here for a few days while he looks for somewhere to live. (Okay, so he's looking for somewhere to live in Oxford, but it's still closer to Cambridge than Edinburgh.) Things aren't going terribly well between us at the moment, but there's no point in talking about that here.

* * *

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