February 15th, 2004


Sweet dreams are made of this

Went to bed not long after 10pm last night, and didn't wake up till about 10am this morning. I think I needed the sleep. And I had a really lovely dream about somebody who I've loved (unrequitedly, but not unhappily so, if you see what I mean) for nearly a decade -- in the dream we were just kissing and cuddling and enjoying being together, which has never happened in real life but it seemed totally natural and real in the dream. I woke up before the radio-alarm came on, but slowly, so that the dream just gently faded into daydreams.

I wish every night was like that. Sleeping for hours, and waking up feeling sufficiently happy and rested that I don't mind being alone.

As easy as A B C D

Today's top tip:

When you see an email which you know will just make you angry, press the magic button. It's the one marked "D".

I feel all calm. I'm going to go and make myself a cup of tea and carry on reading my book now.