January 29th, 2004


Born of frustration

I think I'm going to scream. I'm already annoyed with at least 5 different people and it's not even midday yet.

I don't know what to do about next week, when I'm off work. I've got lots of things half-organised and they all clash with each other already and I'm going to end up not doing anything properly. I'm starting to think that what I should have planned to do for next week was hide in my room and refuse to talk to anybody.
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Logistical d00m

So, I have this "week off" before I start at MISD (on the 9th now, I obviously mistook what they said on the phone, because the formal letter very clearly said the 9th and I wrote back and said the 9th and they haven't said anything since).

This is what I have to fit in to the week somehow:

  • Man from British Gas is coming to fix the boiler some time between 12 and 6 on Tuesday.

  • hoiho arrives Tuesday night, staying at least till Thursday morning.

  • Portfolio Singers rehearsal, Tuesday 8:30-10ish pm

  • Orchestra rehearsal, Wednesday 7:30-9:30pm

  • Photo shoot (modelling thingy) on Thursday starting at 10am but no idea where (except "just outside Cambridge, easily accessible by train or car") or for how long yet.

  • Get to London to see nou and possibly others as well.

  • Take pto452 to Ian Allen in Witchford in the hope that he can get her into MOT-passable condition.

  • Take bike to Raleigh shop for fixing, because gears no longer work.

  • Read about things I ought to know for new job, try to get brain back in gear, etc.

  • Working at Oxfam Books 9am-1pm on Saturday.

  • Working at Carlton Arms 7-11:30pm on Friday, and 12-4pm on Sunday.

My head hurts. :-(

Update: I forgot to include my karate class, which I arranged for Monday 8:30-9:30 because Monday night was the only night when I didn't have anything else on & nobody was visiting.
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I have just realised something I didn't want to realise. I would now like to unrealise it quickly, please, so that I can remain in denial a bit longer.

Does anybody have any good ways of stopping oneself thinking?