January 18th, 2004


Under my stone

Yesterday I saw lnr for lunch, and saw dreamingchristi on the way home. Nice to talk to both of them, particularly since on Thursday I didn't get to talk to dreamingchristi much beyond saying hello, and I missed lnr altogether.

Yesterday I also impulse-bought a digital camera. I know, I know, I was being careful about money, but it was only £11.99! Anyway, it is a shiny digital camera the size of a matchbox, so now I can be a sooper spy and take up to 20 incriminating photos of top sekrit stuff. (Or up to 80 if they're low res.)

Worked at the pub in the evening. It was fairly busy all night because of the beer festival; the cellar floor was so sticky by the end of the evening that I didn't dare stand completely still while pouring a pint because if I did I'd become so stuck to the floor that I'd spill the beer trying to get my feet free. I got a lot of comments about my t-shirt (velcro letters t-shirt saying "STOUT + MILD").

* * *

Today I are be mostly being... antisocial. Sorry for not making it to any of the various gatherings that seemed to be happening, but I needed some space and some time to myself just to potter around.

So instead of going out I have tidied the front room, and bits of the computer room, and bits of my bedroom. I have also had a bath, and read the first ("first") few chapters of Use of Weapons. Very boring and antisocial, but very much needed.

Bedtime now. SLEEP also needed.
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