January 13th, 2004


Jobs again

This evening somebody (I didn't catch his name, he mumbled it) phoned me on my mobile and tried to offer me a job as an ESOL teacher in London, having seen my CV on the web. Very bizarre indeed. I mean, my CV isn't even linked from anything as far as I can remember. Even if it is, it's an out of date CV. I trained as a TEFL teacher 6 years ago but have no experience. Why in god's name would anybody think I was such a good bet as a teacher that they'd try to get me to commute from Cambridge for it? I told him no thanks, anyway. I don't want to teach English as a second language, and I certainly don't want to commute for a job I don't desperately want.

In other job-related news, the UCLES interview went very well apart from the minor point that they don't have any jobs to give me at the moment. I had an interesting talk with the very pleasant gentleman who'd interviewed me before, and then he told me that he thought my skills were the sort of thing that would be very useful to them, but that in the current funding situation they couldn't offer me anything. In fact, he got a phone call while I was in there which confirmed that they'd just lost a bid for funding, & this meant that some existing jobs might be in danger, so I can see his problem. However, he said that he'd give me a call if anything did come up, and if I hadn't heard from him within a month or so I was welcome to give him a ring and ask again. So that's probably the most positive failure to get a job so far, she said, slightly bitterly.

I am worried about the interview on Thursday. There's four people on the interview panel, which is quite Big & Scary by my standards, and I know so little about web development really; I can use HTML but only really quite basic stuff, and I have no idea what kind of things they're going to ask me because I've never gone for anything like this before. :-( If anybody has any tips I'd be very grateful...

I have, however, seen a trainee web developer job that I'm thinking of applying for -- "some experience of HTML and databases would be an advantage" sounds more like my level. It's well paid; and it's for a county council, which fits my woolly wish to work for a Good Cause. The problem is that the council in question is Hertford. Can I really face commuting to Hertford? How much will it cost me?

Meanwhile, back in Temp Hell, I have finished the filing task that our supervisor thought would take over a month. <sigh> She's going to find some other work for me and my fellow clerk (who, being a student, has now started lectures so wasn't in today & won't be in much more this week) to do, but it sounds like it's going to be every bit as boring. I'm wondering about going back to the TES and saying "Please can you find me some work where the coffee-making isn't the most challenging thing I do all day?" I mean, I know temp work isn't supposed to be stunningly interesting, but I'm sure it can be better than this. Actually, the most challenging thing is not getting frustrated with my supervisor... Collapse )

I was hoping to get some useful experience in this job, even if it was only "in passing" as it were, but really it isn't looking likely. I've been trying hard to ask interested questions in quieter moments, because I genuinely do want to learn how their system works, but all I get is confused looks when I ask questions. Maybe she's just not used to people being interested...

On the positive side, though, today I met a cute girl called Helen who recognised me from the Calling. :-) (Bloody goffs, they're everywhere!) She's a Database Assistant, which sounds like all the shittiest bits of what I used to do at ProQuest -- trying to get people to use databases sensibly and consistently, trying to get people to validate data, trying to explain the concept of GIGO to people who will keep getting their data entered by monkeys on crack and then wonder why their queries come back with stuff that looks like it's been written by, well, monkeys on crack. To be honest, though, at the moment I'd gladly swap. But not back to ProQuest. The current job is depressing, but I don't feel so depressed about the job prospects, if you see what I mean. This job will last for a month or less, then I'll do something else. Simple. It may not be better, but frankly it couldn't be much worse, and at least it'll be different.
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