January 10th, 2004


And you run and run

Is it still only the first full week of 2004? It feels like a thousand years have passed since the new year (just like the old year) began.

I started a new job on Wednesday. For the next month (it's only a temp job) I will be a filing clerk at the University's Development Office.

My job is to "weed" the files which the Development Office keeps on all its fundraising prospects -- individuals, companies, university departments, etc. This
consists of Collapse )

The rest of the time, I've tried to keep busy.

I had my first karate lesson of the year on Tuesday, Collapse )

The first Portfolio Singers rehearsal of term was the usual laid-back affair; Collapse )

The Cambridge Concert Orchestra term started on Wednesday. Collapse )

Thursday night was the usual Carlton social. Collapse )

It was lovely to see lnr for lunch on Friday, Collapse )

Yesterday night I worked my usual shift at the Carlton. Collapse )

Today I worked the afternoon shift at Oxfam; Collapse )

I have an interview on Monday for a job at UCLES (I don't know exactly what job, but it sounds interesting), and an interview on Thursday for a job at the University's Management Information Services Division (the position is Web Publishing Assistant, and it sounds from the description as though it's pretty what I was doing at ProQuest -- but for the University, better-paid, and with more training and development opportunities).

I keep thinking that my luck has to change some time. Maybe this will be the time. Just maybe.
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