December 11th, 2003


Pieces of me

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I have spent most of the morning trying to remember a bit of poetry that used to be read at my school's Carol Services. It was called something like "Angel's Song" or "The Angel's Message" (you get the picture), and all I can remember are a few lines approximating to the following:
"Not in castle, not in keep,
Not in tower tall and steep
Shall you find him, shepherds all,
But in humble oxen's stall."

and the lines "And a signal, and a sign, sure as all the stars that shine". It was always read by one of the Juniors, and it was a bit on the twee side, but I was rather fond of it nonetheless. I can't find it anywhere on the web, annoyingly.

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In other news, work is driving me up the wall. I just don't want to be here. Right now I feel like I would do anything else, just for the sake of the change; but I worry that doing random irrelevant jobs won't do my CV any favours -- and since I appear to be more or less unemployable as it is I really don't want to make the situation any worse.

Oh well. Maybe I'll be able to find something more useful/interesting to do this afternoon than get into fights with evil ex-boyfriends on newsgroups. We can but hope.
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