December 5th, 2003


Interview stress

I'm worried about this interview with UCLES. Apparently it's going to be two interviews, each with two people; it's not clear what the difference between the two interviews is.

The job I'm going for is English Project Assistant; essentially it's administrative support for the Project Officers, whose job is described here [word doc]. There isn't a specific description for the job I'm applying for.

What sort of things are they likely to ask me? How can I convince them that I'm keen to work in the education sector, without sounding desperate and just repeating "I'm really interested in..." all over the place?

The thing I really hate is when they ask me to "describe a situation when you..." or "describe an occasion when you..." and I'm stuck with examples from ProQuest, which are all sufficiently fiddly and bitty that they don't make any sense without some understanding of the nature of our data, but generally people's eyes just glaze over as soon as I mention SGML.
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