November 13th, 2003


Bar none

Somebody pointed out yesterday that people might want to know when I was likely to be working behind the bar at the Carlton... I think this is a wee bit premature since it's not even definite yet, but never mind, too much information is better than none.

Anyway, I'm doing a trial shift a week tomorrow (that's the 21st). If I can do it, and if I don't hate it, I'll be added to their list. They've already got quite a lot of bar staff so I get the impression that I'm not likely to be needed very often -- most likely just covering occasional Fridays.

Anyway, I'll post here as soon as I know if/when I'm going to be working there, so you can all come and heckle if you want. Or, of course, avoid the place like the plague. :)

(Bear in mind though that I've never done any bar work before, so I'm likely to be concentrating too hard on not getting drinks/change/measures/orders wrong to have anything resembling a real conversation!)
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Erotica: tickets for sale!

I appear to have acquired an extra double ticket (one ticket, valid for two people -- so not splittable) for Erotica. The ticket is valid for any day of the show (but presumably only one day, IYSWIM).

Since I already have tickets but don't have much in the way of money, I'm selling this double ticket for just £15. That's two tickets for the price of one, basically. Bargain! Go on, you saucy people, you know you want to.

Update: Now sold!
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