November 3rd, 2003


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I usually dream about being late for work, but this time I dreamed about being late for school. And other garbage. Collapse )

So anyway, I went to sleep with a headache, probably a result of spending most of the evening crying and the rest of the evening arguing with sion_a; and I woke up still with a headache, and now I'm in work with a headache, and achieving approximately nothing except updating this journal.
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CV Hell: Son of CV rides again

Yes, j4 is still whinging about jobs.

I phoned the University Temporary Employment Services (i.e. temp agency) and, obviously, they want me to send them a CV. And now I'm having a crisis of confidence to the effect that my CV is too crap to send to anybody.

My current CV looks like this, only it usually looks a bit neater since I've just hastily converted it from Word format to text-only so that people won't whine at me about not being able to see it in Lynx or on their Palm. 8-) I've got several interviews with this CV (usually accompanied by a covering letter or application form), so it can't be utterly hopeless, but.

Should I:

a) send this CV off, and stop dithering?
b) make a few changes (suggestions welcome!)?
c) rewrite it completely tonight and send it off tomorrow?

[Sorry, not a real poll, because I can't be arsed.]
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CV again

Okay, you're all sick of this by now, but MY JOURNAL, MY WHINGES, okay? (Love me, love my neuroses.)

Updated and enhanced CV here. (It's in Word format, sorry, because I can't format it nicely in plain text and I'm lazy.) Katherine, I haven't turned every negative into a positive, but I've turned it all into neutral-statements-with-positive-sounding-verbs-in ... will that do as a compromise? :-)

I've also added Positions of Responsibility and Other Information -- thanks to emperor for providing grown-up sounding headings. I think those sections of my CV both read a bit crap, though, so again, suggestions welcomed.


Currently wondering whether to apply for this job with the IWF. I know I could do it, but a) can I convince them that I could do it, and b) do I want to work for the IWF? Not sure.

Update: Yeah, yeah, CV now there with correctly-typed name, ph34r my l337 computing skillz. :-}
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You have:

1 CV which is too crap to use
1 CV which is too long to use
0 CVs suitable to send in to temp agency
0 finished job applications
1 splitting headache

You feel that you are about to burst into tears.

> quit

You don't seem to be able to do that.

> wait

Time passes.

Update: And now my printer is terminally buggered, so I can't apply for anything unless they'll let me send applications online. I don't suppose anybody has a spare USB printer that they're willing to let me "buy" now and pay them when I've actually got a job...?
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