September 30th, 2003


Windows '64

While checking that pto452's windows were in fact safety glass, I noticed that they bore the brand-name "Indestructo" over the kite-mark symbol. Out of curiosity, I googled for "Indestructo" and "Triplex", and turned up the following:

It's like a top sekrit code! It's better than Pig Pen!

From the surprisingly high-information marks on the windows I've deduced that my windscreen, rear screen, and all my side-windows were made in Q1 of 1964. The quarter-lights look to have been replaced later -- they're actual Triplex, and while the dots under the letters are a bit unclear I think the windows are March 1970 (for the driver-side quarter-light) and March 1975 (passenger-side).

Absolutely fascinating. Now I just need to find out what sort of glass would have been used originally...
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