September 11th, 2003


Head's all empty and I don't care

Today's fun fact: "orchestra" and "carthorse" are allegedly the longest single-word anagram in the English language. No carthorses involved in last night's rehearsal with the Cambridge Concert Orchestra though, just lots of good music. Collapse )

The other good thing about the orchestra is that they rehearse at the Community College on Gilbert Road, i.e. about 1 minute's cycle ride from the Carlton Arms. Wandered down there for a pint of Black Beauty Porter and met up with some of the usual crowd who were there for the quiz.

In other news: my soul is worth £10318. 77% of people have a purer soul than me. (How much is your soul worth?) Collapse )

. . .

The last bit of waiting is always the longest part. At least the end of waiting is in sight now (currently somewhere around Cumbria). Concentrating on work is a bit of a lost cause, but if I turn the music up loud enough and stare intently at the screen I can at least do a passable impression. Roll on the long weekend.
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    Rory Gallagher: "Hands Up"