September 4th, 2003


gotta keep thinking we can make it through these waves


- the word "we"
- Chalet School books (hurrah for escapism)
- hugs
- email
- strawberries and redcurrants
- Bogart's Dark Side
- getting points for spelling in a pub quiz (I always wanted there to be something you could do with Being Good At Spelling)
- hope


- weird dream which involved snogging Cynical Richard (which meant that I felt all irrationally awkward when I saw him at work)
- poor sleep
- hangovers
- not having enough confidence in being able to spell antirrhinum. I knew there was a double R, goddamnit.
- money
- CDs that remind me of things
- in fact anything that reminds me of things
- hope
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    hope, or despair, can't tell