August 5th, 2003


Mixed up

THANK YOU to brrm for the little model of pto452 which arrived in the post this morning -- I was very much in need of cheering up and that really made me grin.

New Oysterband CD from arrived in the post this morning. It's been a long time since I've bought an album where I knew over half the songs on it already from live performances. Listening to that is helping a bit too.

Otherwise though things are really not great. Collapse )
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and still the hardest part for you to put your trust in me

Prompted by jiggery_pokery, I finally got round to trying the TrustFlow trust metric.

Top 50 people closest to my friends list:

1: sphyg
2: lusercop
3: antinomy
4: vyvyan
5: mjg59
6: beckyc
7: ptc24
8: nassus

Okay, so the top 8 people are all people I know and probably should have added to my friends list, since at least some of them have friended me. Sorry guys.

Collapse )

I think this is really interesting because it shows me that people are, y'know, all kind of interconnected. <p;yawn>
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keep measuring what I've lost

Cans of coke drunk today: 3 (good)
Items of clothing bought: 2 (bad)
Books bought: 4 (bad)
Times listened to new Oysterband CD: 3 (v good)
Pointless purchases for misplaced reasons of nostalgia: 1 (fab)

So I overcame my fear of being pilloried by the moral majority and bought a Fab, despite the fact that they're made by the Evil Baby-Killing Chocolate Empire, because I had fond memories of Fabs and I needed cheering up (again). But it was minging, and it did NOT taste of raspberry, but rather of faintly dental ick; and it did NOT have chocolate on. I felt utterly cheated.

* * *

The clothes were another couple of strappy tops, because wearing clothes with armpit-covering fabric is just too grim in this heat. One of them is cornflower blue; the other is lime green with pink gauze over the top (resulting in something which probably resembles octarine).

I keep wanting to wear more non-black clothes, so I buy them and wear them once and then they never get washed because I only ever seem to get round to doing washes of black (or at least dark) clothes. Not that I'm very good at getting round to doing the washing anyway, which is why I have so many black clothes in the first place. ("Out of clean knickers... buy new ones!")

* * *

This has just amused me immensely at work. I suspect addedentry and monkeyhands may also enjoy it, for different reasons. Collapse )

* * *

The sky is an evil-looking hazy grey, but I can't smell thunder yet. We really need a storm. "But there is no water." ... Reading the inlay notes of my current listening material, I discovered that their name translates roughly as "Without knowledge of coolness". How appropriate.
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