August 4th, 2003


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This weekend was Cambridge Folk Festival. The lineup had initially looked rather weak compared with previous years, but I think I misjudged it; we certainly heard a lot of excellent music. And after a rather rainy start, the weather got its act together and remained glorious for the rest of the weekend.

Rambling about bands, in no particular order:
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In addition to the bands, I went SHOPPING far more than I should have done. Bought: some clothes (a little black dress with a celtic design on the front; some silk trousers; and a stripy shirt) that I didn't really need; a book of trad tunes for fiddle (well, for any instrument really, but I'll most likely play them on the fiddle); CDs as mentioned above; and a miniature working harmonica on a necklace chain (more for the cuteness value than any real desire to play harmonica, though I am going to try to learn to get a tune out of the thing).

Oh, and I bought a couple of multi-coloured ball-type-things and a pair of shoelaces and made them into rather silly poi. Collapse )
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