July 30th, 2003


Nothing to do, it's up to you

Well, that was entertaining. Some kind of virus brought our network (internal and connection to outside work) crashing down in flames, so there was literally nothing I could do on the computer this morning. I ended up reading the specs for Early English Books Online (the project I'm supposed to be working on at the moment) from end to end. Collapse )

After running out of documentation to read, I chatted to the Software team for a bit, was fed Jelly Bellys and macaroons, and borrowed Programming Perl so I'd have something to read.

Lunchtime was a blessed relief; by that point I was feeling twitchy, frustrated, and randomly mopey. Went and bought shoes, books (Stephen King / Peter Straub, "Black House"; and Brigid Brophy, "Reads") and an avocado, which helped. Back at work, I went straight to the kitchen and made myself an enormous salad including said avocado and previously-purchased prawns, much to the amazement of cow-orkers.

Returned to the office to find that we'd just been told we could bugger off for another hour or so as nothing was likely to get fixed any time soon, and IT wanted all our PCs shut down. So I went out into the quad with Alys and did some karate, and we talked about martial arts. Then came back inside to find things still weren't fixed, so I read the first essay in the Brigid Brophy book.

Network finally restored, I still failed to get any work done. Caught up with LJ/news/etc., prodded eBay (and discovered that the electric violin I was after is probably out of my price-range, since I've put in my maximum bid and it's still not over the reserve), tried to buy things online only to be defeated by insane order-forms, and ate some slightly off strawberries.

The lemming du jour is extremely pointless. Collapse )

Nearly time for karate. At this rate I'll be swimming there rather than cycling. Bloody rain. Why can't it go back to being ridiculously hot and sunny so we can all whinge about overheating and sunburn? That was much more fun.
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