July 29th, 2003


Though this be madness, yet there's method in't

Lots to catch up here.

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Last night sion_a, hoiho and I went to see Hamlet at Emmanuel College, as part of the Summer Shakespeare Festival. (Believe it or not, this is the first time since I've moved to Cambridge that I've actually managed to see any of the Shakespeare Festival plays... shameful!)

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Today I have been mostly drinking coke, catching up on email, and resisting buying CDs on Amazon.

Bits and bobs, administrivia, requests:

1. Erotica: I've ordered 6 tickets for the Saturday (I rounded up), and 2 for the Sunday. I should also get a free ticket for the Saturday. Will distribute these when they arrive, but this may not be for some time.

2. Recording from RealAudioThingyWhatsits: I mentioned this in the pub the other week. I want to record something from Radio 2's "Listen Again", and I believe (from what simont said at the time) that the easiest way to do this is with a minidisc recorder. Does anyone have such a thing that I could borrow (preferably tomorrow night) please? Or a better way of doing this (ideally burning the result to CD, since I don't have any way of playing a minidisc)? Or if I point somebody at the show in question, could they do the recording for me? Very much appreciated if so.

3. Poi: this book looks rather good. Has anybody bought it already? If so, is it any good to learn from? I seem to have reached a bit of a wall in learning to do poi, and there's only so many different ways I can clonk myself around the head before I give in and ask for help.

4. http://www.play.com: a random recommendation. Because I just ordered the latest Oysterband album from them for half the price HMV were asking, and they don't charge any postage.

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