July 22nd, 2003


vi 'r' us

(Yes, I did get the :wq! one.)

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[Which viruses do you suffer from?]

I actually found this one quite interesting; it's amazing just how many images I've subconsciously absorbed. But then I am a bit of a flypaper for eyecatching images and logos and stuff. Have spent years and years collecting well-designed logos and adverts; and as a teenager I used to love copying bands' logos on to my folders and rough books and hands and jeans and, um, desks. And I still get a real feeling of ... of, I dunno, of "yeah!" when I see a cleverly-designed logo. Like, I dunno, what have I seen recently? -- The fairtrade one that's a person waving but also looks like a yin/yang. I like that one. (With really neat logos and stuff I want to go and bounce at people and say "look, look! They combined all these ideas and connotations into this one tiny little swirl/square/circle thingy!" ... but most people aren't interested.)

I should be in bed, you know.
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going, going...

... got it. :-)

Thanks again for the crash course in eBay, folks -- I got the thing I wanted for only a little more than I'd bargained on. (Must work on the willpower thing...) Mind you the person selling it claims that any profits after cost price are going to Amnesty International, & I figured that I'd happily give a fiver to Amnesty to get the thing I wanted.

(Actually, I'd happily give a fiver to Amnesty anyway, but am crap at getting round to making donations unless somebody shoves a tin under my nose.)