July 21st, 2003


Health, wealth, and ... what was the other thing?

Appointment with new doctor this morning was mostly okay, though I might have known that a male doctor wouldn't think to jnez gur fcrphyhz hc n ovg orsber vafregvat vg.</tmi> However he did just about convince me that I was worrying about nothing, and he gave me some advice on other stuff as well.

However I now feel distinctly queasy (I don't think this is in any way connected to the stuff I was seeing the doctor about), very tired (despite actually getting some sleep this weekend), and persistently mopey. Keep feeling like I'm about to burst into tears. It feels like PMT, but it's the wrong time of the month for that.

Meanwhile I've got the same old worries wandering around in my head, and I feel like there's nobody I can talk to who isn't a) already far too involved, b) not involved enough (I can't face explaining the situation many more times), c) extremely hostile to one of the people who is involved, or d) on holiday.


In other news: ProQuest are giving me a Proper Job. They've offered (and I've accepted) a four-month contract as an Editor, on a salary of 17.5K (pro rata, as I'll only be working 4 days a week). This has the advantage that I can put a better job title (and a better salary) on my CV.

I should feel cheerful about this -- it means money's less of a worry for a few months, it means I get paid holiday again, and (it's the little things...) it means I get to use the bus into town on Thursdays, and I get a smart-key so I don't have to borrow somebody else's key when I want to nip to the loo without having to walk round the whole building. But I just feel miserable about it, and the sickness I'm feeling now is just like the way I used to feel all the time when I was working here full-time.

I feel like I had to accept the contract, because the advantages outweighed the (rather nebulous) disadvantages; but at the same time I feel like it's just giving in, accepting that I can't get a job anywhere else. And all in all I just feel trapped. I feel like I'm going to be stuck in this rut for the rest of my life.

And before anybody points it out, yes, I'm only 25, and blah blah blah blah REST OF YOUR LIFE BEFORE YOU. But that doesn't stop me feeling like this.
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Etiquette question

If someone invites you to a party, and the invitation doesn't say "bring partners" (but does imply that it's okay to bring friends), and your partners are not on the invite list in their own right, is it rude to email and ask whether it's okay to bring partners? Would it be rude (even ruder?) to just bring partners anyway (on the basis that they are my friends as well)? Or should one assume that if the partners in question were welcome in the first place, they would have been on the invite list?
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eBay Trading Company

Please bear in mind before reading this that there are no stupid questions, only STUPID PEOPLE. So, sorry in advance for being dense.

Can anybody provide me with a very quick beginner's guide to eBay bidding tactics? I simply have no idea how the bidding tends to work -- whether lots of bids tend to happen at the last minute, whether it's better to bid on the cheaper thing with more time to run or the thing that's already at a higher price but has less time to go, or ... or what. Or whether the bidding patterns vary enormously depending on the thing for sale, or stuff like that.

Er, basically, in summary, "hello, am clueless, but want to buy thing off eBay without spending masses more money than I need to". :-)
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