June 24th, 2003


So little time, so much to do (+ lemming)

Gah. Been forced to actually do work all day, for a change, so if anybody was expecting much in the way of communication from me, I'm sorry.

* * *

Bought more things I don't really have the money for, in preparation for Glastonbury (which I don't really have the money for): camping gaz stove, torch, portable stool-type-things. Also bought a battery charger (saraphale, remind me to give yours back to you at some point!).

* * *

This random lemming says the following is true about me:

Looks very decorative
no self-confident behavior
only courageous if necessary
needs goodwill and pleasant surroundings
very choosy
often lonely
great animosity
artistic nature
good organizer
tends to philosophy
reliable in any situation
takes partnership serious.

Given that these things are randomly generated by a perl script, that's quite freakily accurate, apart from "good organizer" (*laugh*) and "great animosity" (too lazy to be greatly animositititous[0] at anybody for long).

Though "only courageous if necessary" is a bit weird. I mean, why would you go around being "courageous" if it wasn't necessary? Who would notice? What would being courageous in the face of mundanity involve?

[0] or, like, what-EVER.

* * *

Now have approximately 1 hr in which to pack all my stuff for Glastonbury (before going out tonight), as we're setting off tomorrow a.s.a.p. after work. So WTF am I doing still farting about on LiveJournal?? I'm gone.
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