June 22nd, 2003


Something for the weekend

Made it into town on Saturday morning early enough to pay in a cheque, which should stop me actually running out of money before my wages get paid. MUST DO INVOICE FIRST THING TOMORROW MORNING. Surprisingly productive morning in town, actually; not only got money paid in but managed to do/buy nearly all the things I'd intended, and find time for a nice lunch at PizzaExpress with sion_a and a coffee with hoiho.

Then later headed up to julietk's party, which was most excellent. Lots of people there I knew, I'm not going to attempt to namecheck them all! Good to see all of them anyway.
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On Sunday morning I picked up my GLASTONBURY ticket from daneel_olivaw, and then went for breakfast with hoiho at Ruby in the Dust (which has now been uninspiringly renamed The Camden Kitchen but still serves a damn fine brunch). We were very restrained and refrained from buying any clothes or shoes on the way through Camden!! I was briefly tempted by the sight of haircuts for £6 to get a really drastic haircut, but decided that a) it would just look like I was copying lnr, and b) sion_a would be cross if I got my hair cut without asking him first.

Got back to find that Cambridge was beset by rainstorms -- thunder and lightning when hoiho and I got to the station car park! However, the weather didn't prevent us from going on to a nice BBQ at simonb's and ottah's later, and it even stopped raining so that we could sit out in the garden.

Hennaed my hair later on in the evening, supposedly in a much brighter red but in fact it just looks exactly the same as before, only a bit less even. Oh well. Looks like the combination of spousal veto and crap hair is conspiring to make sure that I have boring hair for the rest of my life.

Feeling crashy after the weekend. This kind of mood-swing seems to be happening with depressing regularity; so much so that while I'm looking forward to Glastonbury immensely, I'm really dreading the comedown. The bit where we realise that we failed to paint it black. The good things are worth the crashes afterwards, but I can't help being greedy and wishing I could just have the former without the latter.

What's in my head at the moment? Rain, and cars, and diverging paths. A smile, and a sigh, and the words to a song that somebody played. A handful of hopes, and a forest of fears. And a hundred things that remain unsaid.
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