April 23rd, 2003


The day is wide open, the sky is blue

Well, the weather stayed good... yesterday brrm and I had lunch(sossidges!) at the Green Man in Grantchester, and then spent a happy afternoon lazing around first on Grantchester Meadows, and then back at his house. Lovely just being able to lie back in the sun and not have to go anywhere or do anything, just being able to enjoy good company and warmth. :-)

Unfortunately though lack-of-sleep from the night before caught up with me rather hard; started feeling really shattered rather than just pleasantly sunshine-sleepy, & decided that if I was going to collapse then I'd be better off doing so at home. Sorry brrm for being such a sleepy badger.

An hour or so's doze in a cool dark room seemed to help; after that I was just about awake enough to potter around quietly, play piano (for the first time in ages -- really need to practice more!), and phone a roofer to try to get a quote for getting the roof fixed.

Later went out for dinner with lnr, which was lovely despite PizzaExpress not really quite having got the hang of the "Express" bit... still, it meant we had more time to talk, and giggle, and plot Evil Things. (Muahahaha!) Then we went back to mine afterwards for more dessert, & utterly delicious it was too. ;-)
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Haven't felt so great since I first went west

I'm sleeping better. Okay, so I was shattered yesterday, but having been up till 4 a.m. drinking and stuff will always do that to me the next day. I'm feeling fine today, though, whereas until recently I'd have said that it would take me weeks to recover from a late night like that.

I'm cycling faster. I made it into work this morning in just under 20 minutes -- okay, that's probably slow for most people, but it's good going for me. Some of this is probably just the nicer weather meaning that I'm not carrying the extra weight of waterproofs and big coats, but normally I'd still be absolutely knackered after cycling fast for that long. As it is I felt a bit physically tired when I got in to work, but not deep-down bone-tired the way I have been feeling.

I don't seem to have a black cloud hanging over my thoughts all the time. I feel like I'm running to get ahead, not running to stand still. I don't feel like crying when I think about the future.

I'm not used to feeling like this. It feels like my body is bursting with energy, but not so much physical energy as emotional energy. Elemental energy. I feel like my skin's stretched tight over all the potential futures, waiting for something to break through.

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago where I was running along a road, and the sky was bright with dark clouds on either side of me, and the wind was lifting me up; I wasn't flying, just being carried along by the airstream. "Run faster!" I was shouting; "Can't you feel the storm gathering?"

I feel like I can outrun the storm.
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Festivals coming up

Ely Folk Festival
The Oysterband are playing the Ely Folk Festival, on Saturday 12th July. The Ely Folk Festival cunningly sells day-only tickets, and even evening-only tickets for the Saturday evening, so it'd be entirely possible to just go to see the Oysterband, or (my preferred option) go for the whole of the Saturday. Anybody else up for this? Mail me if so...

Cropredy Festival
Cropredy is clearly a Good Thing(tm), but I've never yet managed to get there. It's possible to buy a Saturday-only ticket (£28.00), so I'm thinking of wandering down to Oxford on the Friday night, finding a friendly floor on which to crash, and then somehow getting to Cropredy the next day. Again, mail me if you're interested...

I already have a ticket for Glastonbury, but am keeping an eye on Glastonbury forum and glastonbury in the hope that we'll find a spare one for hoiho. Is it true that they're not going to let anybody in who has a resold ticket? How in $deity's name are they going to know?
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