April 22nd, 2003


Never mind the Buzzcocks

Inspired by last night's Buzzcocks gig, a quick poll:

Have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?


* * *

Time may not have been kind to their looks, but the Buzzcocks still know how to play a great set. The sheer energy alone would have carried the crowd along with them -- they barely even paused for breath between songs. And while from our vantage point at front-centre we couldn't see the crowd pogoing along, we could certainly feel it, and it felt like they were having a good time.

The two support bands were amusing, the first (whose name escapes me) because they were so young and so earnest, the second (Miss Machine) because their lead singer was so obviously utterly wasted, skipping and stumbling around the stage in her fishnet stockings and doing her best to trash the microphone stand.

Couldn't help wondering what Pete Shelley was thinking as he watched the support bands unobtrusively from the crowd.

* * *

It was good to spend some time with daneel_olivaw before the gig -- and dinner was lovely even if a bit rushed! Also good to spend some more time with him and hoiho after the gig. I confess I'd been worried that there'd be a bit of awkwardness, but in the event everything seemed to work out okay -- and it was great to see the boys getting on so well with each other.