April 15th, 2003


Driving in the rush hour

Driving sion_a's car again feels so weird. All those fancy modern features, like indicators, and wing mirrors, and acceleration. And remembering that I don't have to double-declutch to get from reverse into first. :-)


I have a new job! (Subject to references.)

My new job will be Rural Transport Research Co-ordinator for Cambridgeshire ACRE. ... Good grief, that sounds like a real job title! The sort of job a grown-up would have!

They're a charity, so I'll actually feel like I'm doing something useful for a change... and they'll still pay better than my current job. And I'll get paid to learn stuff, and actually do stuff, and make things happen! Which is pretty damn cool really. And I'll even be able to claim that reading cam.misc and cam.transport is work-related... ;-)

HUGE thanks to julietk for a crash course in giving presentations on Saturday, and thanks to all the people who've been listening to me whinge on irc for the past few days, and who've sent motivational email and text messages etc. And I'll shut up now before this sounds like a goddamn Oscars acceptance speech. :-)
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