January 31st, 2003


snow had fallen, snow on snow

Back in work today despite the fact that my back's still aching; it is getting a little better (thanks in part to a lovely massage from simonb on Monday night, and a blissful soak in his spa. Mmmmmm. Wonder if he wants a full-time job as personal masseur? ;-)

I'm mostly just dazed and confused from the drugs that I'm on, though; fell asleep at 6-ish yesterday with a book in my hand, and didn't wake up till 9pm, couldn't eat anything, went back to bed, forgot to take antidepressants, felt utterly groggy and miserable. Blehhh. Then woke up loads of times through the night because I couldn't get comfortable. So -- better, but still nowhere near great.

So why did I come in today? Well, I'd promised my project manager that I'd come in today if at all possible, but got in (at 8:40am!) only to find that he wasn't in, and in fact hardly anybody else had made it in because of the SNOW.

Any description of snow-covered landscapes swiftly sinks into the snowdrifts of cliché. Postcard. Christmas card. White page. This morning I gazed out of the window and the world seemed full of magic. If my back wasn't in such pain I'd have been out there making snow-angels.

Unfortunately the downside of all this snow is that, as usual, Britain grinds to a halt at the first hint of Weather. It took sion_a 2 hours to get back from work last night, and this morning's drive in was a little scary in places. They're closing the office at 3pm because so many people will have such difficulty getting home -- and they're letting me go home earlier (1:30) because my back is aching and there's not much I can actually do here. This is great because it means we actually stand a chance of getting down to London for Kake's party some time today. And possibly even travelling at the same time as ewx and lnr, which would be nice!

Mr Cambridge Kitchens Man came round yesterday to measure up the kitchen and talk about what sort of thing we wanted. He seemed alternately impressed (well, it is big) and amused (it's a bizarre tatty mess) by our kitchen, but he was quite helpful, and I do feel like they're likely to make a decent job of the kitchen.

Really haven't done anything much else to speak of for the last few days, mostly just reading and sleeping. I want my energy back, please. I want my back back.

No idea if this entry makes any sense, I feel like all the paragraphs are half of each other, and my head is going all fuzzy again.