January 24th, 2003


Just put your feet down, child

Yesterday I drove into work, on my own. After work I drove to the dojo, in Cherry Hinton, on my own. After my karate lesson I did a nifty manoeuvre to get out of the dojo carpark (it's just a small forecourt, so it involved reversing into the space between sensei's car and a lamppost, then doing a U-turn from the forecourt into the road to get out) without hitting anything -- without even scratching anything! -- and then drove to Sainsburys, where I did the shopping, on my own. Then I drove home, and got the car back into our drive, again without hitting anything. On my own.

I'm a real grown-up at last! At the age of 24!

On the other hand... yesterday I was wearing yellow-and-black stripy tights, black skirt, and my supergirl t-shirt. Today I'm wearing black combat trousers (size: Age 13), and my Little Miss Giggles t-shirt (size: Age 3-4). Okay, so not all of me is grown-up.

(The Little Miss Giggles t-shirt emphasises the bits of me that are grown-up, though. And it's worth having a slightly chilly bit of stomach where there's a gap between the t-shirt and the trousers for the sake of watching software engineers drool as I walk past.)