December 16th, 2002



Fun weekend of animal noises and word-salad (and lots of TEA) with Kate Griffin. We even managed to overcome the hidden agenda ("a gender") of the socially-determined narrative of MOO! MOO! MOO! for long enough to have a real conversation or two, as well.

Managed to get into town for a while on Saturday before Kate arrived, too, and did some more (increasingly stressful) Christmas shopping. Before Christmas shopping, Sion and I went to Cambridge Kitchens to look for ideas for our new kitchen, and we were very impressed. They're a local family company who design, build and fit kitchens to whatever specifications you require; obviously this would be a lot more expensive than the cheap MFI stuff that we looked at before, but we're starting to think that going for cheap stuff might be false economy -- we're going to be staying in that house for a good long while, and we probably spend more waking time in the kitchen than any other room in the house -- and the last thing we want is for the kitchen to be falling apart by the time we've got the rest of the house fixed up.

Spent Sunday evening (after Kate had gone) making Christmas cards. Maybe -- just maybe -- this year I'll get my cards posted in time for Christmas...