November 21st, 2002


Thursday's child

Miss Kolbert, my GCSE Greek teacher at secondary school, used to frequently inform us in our Thursday-morning lesson that more people commit suicide on Thursday than on any other day of the week. I'm not quite sure why she took such delight in sharing this factoid with us, but (in true Urban Legend style) I thought I'd pass it on without pausing for a moment to check if there's any truth in it.

Now, of course, Thursdays are the high point of the week: Thursday is "Town Day", when work offers us a free bus ride into the centre of town, and those who choose to go on the bus get a longer lunch-break as a result. Spent today's lunchbreak with Ellie, having lunch at Tatties (no surprise there) and wandering around shops. We spent ages gazing at the gorgeous velvet and silk clothes in Monsoon, and I couldn't help looking at all the tiny childrens' outfits... partly just wishing somebody would think to make red velvet slippers with roses on in my size.

It's daft just how happy it makes me feel just wandering around town holding hands with Ellie. I want to stop people on the street and say "Look! This is my gorgeous girlfriend!" ... I guess saying it on LiveJournal is just as embarrassing, so I hope she'll forgive me.

Spent a lovely evening with Ellie last night, too, just curled up together talking and stuff. Despite all the sweet things she's said in her journal I can't help feeling that I'm not much good as a girlfriend (or even a friend for that matter) at the moment, as all I ever seem to do is mope and whinge about stuff ... but I'm really glad that all my partners seem to want to stay with me anyway. I reserve the right to think they're mad but I wouldn't have them any other way. :-)