November 20th, 2002


Time passes

So much to catch up on! I've been off work for the past two days with a cold, which is why I haven't updated LJ for a while -- when I'm not in work I don't like to spend too much time on the computer. I figure if I'm going to just stare at a screen all day I might as well go into work.

Spent most of Saturday wandering round town, getting back in time to wrap birthday presents and get changed for lnr's birthday party. Couldn't help being a bit nervous about the party because I knew daneel_olivaw was going to be there and I hadn't spoken to him since we had a big row last week. After a bit (well, okay, quite a lot) of initial awkwardness though things went okay. All in all it was a good party, although I do feel like I didn't spend enough time with lnr ... I did rather feel like I was just using sparkly presents as a substitute for hugs and conversation, though of course that wasn't the intention.

Spent most of Sunday with daneel_olivaw, just talking and hugging and smoothing out the angst. What with all the shouting and stress I'd almost forgotten how good it is just to hold him. I just wish I'd been able to make his birthday more fun and exciting, although he seemed to like the presents (again, sparkly presents as a substitute for me actually being any use as a girlfriend). Unfortunately I've probably given him my cold as well...

Monday I felt quite miserable with this cold, and couldn't face going into work, but I still managed to paint the front door (just the black around the edges of the panels on the inside). I find that even when I feel far too ill to go to work, I can be quite happy doing something that doesn't involve too much brainpower. And I get so bored just sitting at home being ill! Later, though, I had to drag myself out for a driving lesson, which was much more of a strain ... just didn't want to lose the lesson fee. Trying to do the A14 in the fog wasn't much fun, but otherwise the lesson wasn't too bad, especially considering that my head was all stuffy with cold.

Monday evening lnr, rjk, simont and Sion and I met up for our language session. In the true spirit of middle-class autodidacticism, we're trying to learn (or, in some cases, re-learn) Latin. We're using "Teach Yourself Latin" as our course-book, which is mostly quite good. Despite having studied Latin for a couple of years at school, I thought I'd forgotten everything except a handful of conjugations and some nonsense about Scintilla being in the kitchen; so it's reassuring how much of what we're learning looks familiar.

Sion was off work too on Tuesday (holiday, not sick -- he still doesn't seem to have caught my cold, so obviously I don't kiss him often enough!) and we spent most of the day tidying bits of the house, sorting through piles of paper, just pottering around quietly. In the evening we watched the video of The Phantom of the Opera ... I'm sure I remember it being a much better film; still, at least it was funny (although not in the places where it was meant to be).

Today I'm back in work, for my sins.