Janet (j4) wrote,

Notes from a small badger

Things I have learned this week:

* I need more than 4 hours' sleep a night.
* It takes about 25 minutes to cycle from the station to work.
* There is only so far I can get in the process of learning a skill without actually practising it between lessons.
* I have been spelling "irresistible" wrong for years (there's no 'table' in it) without even realising it.
* Tuna, pine nuts and cumin make a bizarrely good combination of Stuff to go with pasta.
* You can make a passable imitation of teriyaki sauce from soy, sherry and coke.
* The French for 'email' is 'courriel'.
* The Latin for 'Bacardi Breezer' is almost certainly not 'flabra bacardorum'.
* Maplin sell some really tacky stuff
* If today is Friday, tomorrow is not Tuesday.
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