Janet (j4) wrote,


sion_a writes:

It's *ages* since we've hosted a party, so we're having one on the evening of

Saturday 30th October

which I think means we get an extra hour. Daylight saving confuses me. There will be cake. Bring bottles, badgers, partners, whatever.

Please dress.

I add:

Daylight saving confuses me too. But I can do cake!

I suppose theoretically it's a Hallowe'en party, but, like, a day early, and we don't really celebrate Hallowe'en, so, um. There's no dress code, but some people are sad old goffs like me will probably dress up. :-)

Time is party o'clock. Give us a shout if you're planning to come early: it's fine, but you will be roped into tidying/baking/etc.

Crashspace is probably available; again, let us know.

sion_a prefers me not to post our address on LJ, so if you don't know our address, or you need directions, email me.
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