Janet (j4) wrote,

That learning thing

This questionnaire supposedly tells you about your preferred modes of learning.

My scores were:
  • Visual: 3
  • Aural: 2
  • Read/Write: 8
  • Kinesthetic: 4

The only thing that surprises me is that my visual score isn't higher. I know I'm hopeless at processing aural information -- though it's odd; I can easily follow multi-person conversations, but try to give me directions/instructions verbally and I will have to write them down if there's any hope of me absorbing them or even remembering them.

The questions about getting directions from people really irritated me, though. Perhaps I am peculiar in this but I would not want somebody to tell me directions, draw me a map, or pick me up in a car. I would just want them to TELL ME THE BLOODY ADDRESS so that I can use an actual real printed map, or multimap, or whatever. Much more useful for me, much less effort for them.

But, yeah. Anyway.
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