Janet (j4) wrote,

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What every Mac user wants for Christmas: Susan Kare t-shirts. Thanks to brrm for the tip. (The Linux user in your life may be more interested in this.)

Less (fewer!) thanks to spyinthehaus for introducing me to an unhealthy addiction. It's not that I'm not grateful, it's just that I could have done with getting some work done this month. Really busy people are recommended to try this version of space invaders instead.

Now, on an unrelated note, friends will know that I'm all for a bit of healthy antici ....... pation; but for a really nasty cliffhanger, the NHS's online doctor takes the biscuit. Electrodes? You can't leave it there, dammit!

And finally, a nice slice of fill-in-the-blanks procrastination, borrowed from barrysarll:

I am not : easily led
I love : not wisely but too well
I hate : thoughtlessness
I fear : nothing but fear itself
I hope : even now, despite myself
I hear : rain falling outside my window
I crave : salad
I regret : the things I didn't do
I cry : less than I used to
I care : far too much
I always : keep talking
I believe : that it matters
I feel alone : at nights
I listen : to the silences between things
I hide : out in the open
I drive : carefully
I sing : enthusiastically
I dance : like there's nobody watching
I write : to prove I exist
I play : well with others
I miss : most things I aim at
I search : with Google
I learn : something new every day
I feel : everything too intensely
I know : just how much I don't know
I say : what I think and what I mean
I dream : things of chaotic beauty
I wonder : about everything
I want : more life
I have : too many material things
I give : all that I can
I fell : or maybe I jumped
I fight : when I must
I need : an audience
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