Janet (j4) wrote,

Clothes horse

I do not need a khaki silk hoodie jacket. I do not need scarlet silk skirts, gold-coloured Chinese-style silk shirts, or big purple velvet dresses from Monsoon. I do not need a tight-fitting DKNY t-shirt, no matter how gay it looks; and I do not need a big crochet jumper in all the colours of the rainbow. I would never have an occasion on which to wear a electric-blue linen embroidered suit, much less a bizarre black leather party frock with huge leather roses sewn to the front; and while I could probably find occasions on which to wear a skinny-fit Warehouse top with Damien-Hirst-style dots on it, I still don't need any more bloody skinny-fit tops.

I have, however, been looking for a pair of PVC lace-up-the-sides trousers in my size and shape for a very long time. So I bought 'em. :)
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