Janet (j4) wrote,

The wrong trousers

Holy crap. From ucam.adverts.forsale:
Pair of beautiful Armani Jeans, bought in Canada 2 weeks ago for $400
(approx £180). Dark, almost shiny blue denim, with true hemp lining. Low
rise, with lowish crotch. Price in Uk about £225.

The story is that I bought them while on a random shopping trip, then got
home and realised I have too many jeans as it is... so I probably wont be
wearing them. Its a pity to see such great jeans sit the season out in my
closet, so I'll consider any offer!

Size 34 waist although I am a 32.. Basically if you are interested and you
are anywhere between 32-34, give them a try. Have actually only been worn
once... for about an hour. You are welcome to try them on if you are

Now, okay, I own far too many clothes and spend more money than I should on them, but I simply can't imagine having the kind of lifestyle where I could cheerfully spend a hundred and eighty pounds on something -- anything, let alone a pair of jeans -- and then be happy to sell it at a loss after an hour. I also can't imagine not realising that I already own enough pairs of Armani jeans, but that's another matter; for me the zero pairs I already own are quite enough.

Am I being naïve to believe this chap's story? I mean, is this actually just a complicated way of reselling off-the-back-of-a-lorry merchandise at a profit, like the way some folk on u.a.fs routinely sell duty-free cigarettes on behalf of spurious friends who only realised after buying a gazillion Gauloises that they wanted to give up?

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