Janet (j4) wrote,

Kit and caboodle

My friend Kit has moved to Cambridge! I bumped into him out of the blue at lunchtime, turns out he's at Queens' (i.e. 2 mins' walk from my work) doing a PGCE.

We'd sort of lost touch (largely because he still claims he doesn't know how to do email -- I will have to teach him, and maybe sort of accidentally introduce him to LiveJournal at the same time) & I knew he'd been thinking of coming here but I (rightly) figured that if he did I'd bump into him sooner or later. At 6'8½" he's pretty difficult to miss.

Lovely to see him again though. And anybody who's willing to kneel down in the middle of the street just to be the right height to give me a hug (he's only a couple of inches shorter than me when he's kneeling) gets my vote.

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